527 North Boulevard - 4th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802


Our President:

Rev Dr Nadine Burton

Presidential Term:

March, 2021 - March, 2022


The Rev. Dr.

Nadine Burton

Executive Regional Minister of the

Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ) -

Great River Region




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Officers are elected each year at the March Annual Assembly.

Current Officers for the March, 2021 through March, 2022 term:


The Rev. Dr. Nadine Burton, Executive Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


The Rev. S. Charles Dixon, President, Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions Baptist Convention,Inc

Region One -

Reg. Coord.

The Rev. Dr. Wayne Carter, Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana

Region Two -

Reg. Coord.

The Rev. Supt. Woodrow Davis,

Louisiana First Jurisdiction - Church of God in Christ

Region Three-

Reg. Coord.

The Rev. Scott Chemino, Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria

Region Four -

Reg. Coord.

Mrs. Catherine Townsend, Roman Catholic Diocese of Lake Charles

Region Five -

Reg. Coord.

The Rev. Annie B. Etheredge, Episcopal Diocese of West Louisiana

Region Six -

Reg. Coord.

The Rev. Michael Moroney, Roman Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge

Region Seven - Reg. Coord.

The Rev. Michael Otkins, Louisiana Home & Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention

Region Eight -

Reg. Coord.

Mr. Rob Gorman, Roman Catholic Diocese of Houma - Thibodaux

Region Nine -

Reg. Coord.

The Rev. Buddy Noel, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans


The Rev. Annie B. Etheredge, Episcopal Diocese of West Louisiana


The Rev. Van A. Stinson, Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Immediate Past President

The Most Rev. J. Douglas Deshotel, Bishop, Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette


Executive Director

Fr. Dan Krutz,

Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana



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"To Live The Faith

 We Hold In Common"






LIC—What is its Purpose?  Recognizing that Jesus calls all people to be one, the Louisiana Interchurch Conference, representing diverse communions, strives to proclaim in word and deed to the people, churches and institutions of Louisiana that faith which we hold in common, in the hope that by our common witness we will grow toward greater unity in Christ Jesus.

 Priorities, Strategies, and Principles:


1.  Pray Together—

  • Judicatory leaders, clergy, and lay members will schedule, plan and host periodic assemblies and other means of cooperative prayer for both ecumenical and interfaith services.


2.  Educate—

  • Develop deeper understanding of other faith traditions through dialogue.
  • Recruit, educate, involve and support the next generation of ecumenical leaders.

3.  Advocate for Social Justice and Public Policy—

  • Advocate for Social Justice and Public Policy issues which demand LIC’s attention and fall within its scope and purpose.
  • Address relevant social justice and public policy issues of ministry the church faces, and provide practical means for application in both rural and urban areas.


4.  Communicate/Collaborate— Improve internal and external



a) Identify and expand networking, resources, and training within and through LIC membership; make available to others.


b) Plan an external program of public relations to include publicity for LIC activities.


c) Expand the data base to include all relevant parties. 


5.  Expand membership by increasing the number of people

     actively involved in LIC.  Intensify the LIC Annual Assembly

     by making it more exciting and interactive.

  • Strengthen regional participation among members.


General Principles:

  • Model what it means to live the faith we hold in common.
  • Maintain and cultivate mutual, intrinsic respect among members and leadership.
  • Be active and intentional in efforts to be inclusive of all geographic areas and demographics of Louisiana both in recruitment of new leadership and in extending ecumenism to the grass roots.
  • Clarify and streamline the structure of LIC—including commissions and task forces—to make certain the structure is serving the organization’s mission and ministries, not the organization serving the structure.

As Amended by Annual Assembly

March 5-6, 2007; PEACE revision Sept. 2012.



Louisiana Interchurch Conference

527 North Blvd., 4th Floor

Baton Rouge, LA  70802

(225) 344-0134



  The Louisiana Interchurch Conference is a statewide ecumenical organization formed in 1970 to further the aims of Christian unity, service, and witness to Faith and Social Justice in Louisiana and the region.  The LIC includes 16 member denominations and 28 affiliate Judicatory leaders, representing almost 2 million individual congregants statewide.  

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