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Bread or Stones

Children's Anti-Poverty Initiative

  Everybody can do something!




Candle lighting ceremonies with statistical facts on the needs of children in our state and world.

Criminal Justice

Advocating for adults and juveniles in the justice system.

Farm Aid

Advocacy for Farmers and information on emergency grants for farm household/family needs.


Caring for our Environment

Being good stewards of the resources God has given us



We invite you to contact the LIC regarding any of these matters.  Please email us or call us at (225) 344-0134.







 Public Policy and



The LIC represents many denominations whose members care deeply about the needs of the most vulnerable populations within our society.  As such, we are working in grass roots efforts in our churches to address these needs and collaboratively in advocacy.  On this page, please find links on matters in which we are currently and/or recently have been involved.  

Most of these efforts are not limited to our own membership.  We hope you can join us!



Recent Resolutions *Passed:

* Resolutions passed by overall consent of the Louisiana Interchurch Conference Board of Directors. 

Some resolutions are 'hortatory' (strictly voluntary); while others are 'binding' (signifying absolute commitment by all Judicatory Leaders.)


A Hortatory Resolution regarding Unaccompanied Minor Immigrants/Refugees was approved.   This resolution is an effort to tone down the rhetoric surrounding these children.  Click here for full text of this.


Resolution regarding Predatory Payday Lending.   The LIC Public Policy Task Force is encouraging all to review this matter and lend your voice to help support the unfortunate voice to help support the unfortunate victims of these lending practices.


A Hortatory Immigration Resolution was approved.

Click here for full text of this.


Resolution regarding tax code revision considerations: “A Circle of Protection for Poor and Vulnerable People”.


Bread or Stones (TWO) Resolution was presented, edited, and approved, for presentation to the Judicatories.     This 2nd resolution included:  updated child well being statistics, a new Whereas recognizing that Louisiana has improved in some areas, a commitment to the Bread or Stones Campaign, and a Resolved section with goals based on the consensus in the August 23rd Bread or Stones Committee meeting. It also calls upon the LIC as an organization, individual member denominations and local their churches to support the campaign.


Assembly Delegates passed two Resolutions: an Immigration related resolution, and a Gulf Coast related environmental resolution (please click on the underlined links for full copy).

3/11 (Original) Bread or Stones Resolution regarding an anti-poverty initiative for children.  

Board Members voted to re-affirm a 1997 Resolution regarding "Principles of Economic Life"  click here for text


A Hortatory Resolution was passed for endorsement of public policy measures against smoking in an effort to prevent and reduce smoking and other tobacco use in Louisiana, particularly among children and pregnant women.     Click here for the text of the resolution.

Click here for the full resolution as proposed by Faith United Against Tobacco.

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