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Louisiana Interfaith Disaster Recovery Network, Inc.  (LIDRN)

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Mission Statement


Unite and empower Louisiana faith-based organizations in order to promote and sustain their disaster response and recovery work.



As people (an organization) of different faiths, each of our own spiritual paths, we work together across Louisiana to increase hope by creating a sustainable culture of justice, peace, and spirituality.

Membership Info.  


Our organization has many partners. However, the voting members must be Faith-Based Organizations. If you are a Faith-Based group interested in joining us, please click here for a printable Membership Application.


We have recently started accepting applications from our Partners - so we may officially recognize them as such.


Click here for a current Membership and Partner listing - as approved at the most recent Board meeting.


Executive Board:
Chair:  Ms. Jessica Vermilyea
Vice-Chair: Rev. Belinda Washington

Ms. Emilia Bellone

Treasurer: Rev. Darryl Tate
Members at Large:  Dr. Jim Grant; Rev. Jean Marie Peacock; Jane Aslam; & Dianne Hanley
Advisor:  Fr. Dan Krutz


The 2008 Annual LIDRN Membership

Meeting was held on May 16th

in Baton Rouge. 

most of the attendees at the LIDRN Annual Meeting

Mr. Paul Rainwater, executive director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority, was our guest speaker.  Case management and housing issues are two of the main areas of concern for LRA.  He threw out this question to the members:  "How do we create a safety net if we don't meet our target for affordable housing?"  The members in attendance came forward with solid questions and suggestions.

Click here for a printable copy of the May 16th, 2008 Annual Meeting Minutes

Swine FLU (and/or general flu)


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LIDRN is currently dormant but can be reactivated should another disaster occur.

Many of the members of LIDRN are also members of LA VOAD.  LA VOAD remains active at all times.

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The Annual Day of Prayer For Protection From Hurricanes

is held on June 1st

We are thankful our prayers have been heard and continue to be answered!

Each year we ask for a proclamation from the current Governor.  Please see link at right for most current proclamation received.

Please remember to pray throughout the Hurricane Season!

Prayers for Protection Umbrella

Click here for the most current Day of Prayer Proclamation we have received from the office of the Governor


After the Hurricanes

Neighbor helping Neighbor

LIDRN continues to coordinate with area faith communities as we look at the long term recovery needs of the affected areas in Louisiana.   Much of the work is neighbor helping neighbor, with many unsung heroes.  Please feel free to contact us to add to the below list of helpful contact information. 

HELPFUL WEB-SITES / PHONE NUMBERS:       Includes updates on water systems under boil advisory; and POD's (points of distribution) centers for tarps, ice, water, and MRE's; list of open gas stations; and more.   State recorded hotline:  1-866-288-2484

Office of Emergency Preparedness:

  includes info. on shelters, feeding sites, and distribution centers for

  water and MRE's.

Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness:

FEMA:  1-800-621-FEMA  or    Includes info. on the possibility of rental payments for temporary housing for those whose homes are unlivable, or reimbursements for temporary hotel expenses , as well as other aid programs for those in federally declared disaster affected areas.

American Red Cross:  1-800-RedCross

DOTD reminds citizens of 511 Traveler Information System
As citizens return to their homes in Louisiana, the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) reminds residents that travelers can access up-to-date information about weather-related road conditions, construction activities and other critical incidents by dialing 511 from their telephone.

list to be updated as more information is received

Pictured at right are: 

Ms. Jessica Vermilyea, LIDRN Chair (serving since September of 2008)

Greg Patin, former Chair and active LIDRN member

Rev. Dan Krutz, Advisor

Jessica Vermillyea, Greg Patin, and Rev. Dan Krutz



LIDRN History -

Want to know how it all started? 

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artwork by Michael Green-used by permission

This drawing shows a person – you or me – lifting hands in praise to God for his protection and providence, under the shelter of his promises, symbolized by the rainbow.  The rainbow, many colors unified in one resplendent display, represents the unity and the diversity of our varied faith traditions. 

The drawing is derived from an original work by Michael Green, internationally renowned artist, in The Illustrated Rumi, and is used with permission. 



Jessica Vermilyea

or call 225/344-0134


Mailing address:


Attn: Rev. Darryl Tate

527 North Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA  70802


LIDRN is classified with the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity.  Therefore gifts are tax deductible.

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