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Last year the Executive Committee agreed to contract with Dr. W. Craig Gilliam of Gilliam and Associates to help the leadership of the LIC develop a transition plan that will hopefully lead to the calling of a new director to lead this instrument of the Church’s mission into the future.

   The constraints of the COVID pandemic notwithstanding, the Executive Committee and a Transition Task Force have
made much progress in the work needing to be done. More than half of you were present for the fall Board of Directors meeting in September when Dr. Gilliam and his Associate, Ms. Betty Johnson, guided the board members through conversations and reflections together providing information, guidance and direction for the Transition Task Force which was formed shortly after that meeting.

   As was voiced during the fall board meeting, the Executive Committee has become the ad hoc transition task force with two additional members with a total of a fifteen-member team. This group represents all the geographic areas of the State with various diversities.




A Prayer for the Transition

Almighty God, we give you thanks for the many gifts you have given your people.  We offer thanks to you for the gift of your Holy Spirit, and pray you send the gifts of that same spirit upon those who shall choose a Director for the Louisiana Interchurch Conference.  May we receive a faithful servant who will guide us as we strive to live the faith we hold in common and strengthen our resolve to fulfill the prayer of your Son,, Jesus Christ for your Church that we may all be one.  We praise and bless you, O Blessed Holy Trinity, One God: Father Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen.


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LIC Executive Director Job Description

Louisiana Interchurch Conference Executive Director

Mission: To live the faith we hold in common.


Value: Celebrating Christian unity and working toward justice through shared faith.

Title:      Executive Director, Louisiana Interchurch Conference (LIC)



Has deep personal faith in Jesus Christ with a developed personal spirituality, knowledge of the Scriptures, and an ecumenical theology;


Demonstrates a commitment to ecumenism and the ability to facilitate a culture of ecumenism with an appreciation of diverse Christian traditions;


Is a member in good standing of one of the LIC’s member denominations;


Has a passion for the LIC mission, values and strategic plan;


Has theological training and pastoral experience (seminary graduation and ordination preferred);


Is familiar with Louisiana cultures and traditions;


Demonstrates good outreach, community organizing and interpersonal skills, the ability to understand and develop interpersonal relationships, and when needed, the ability to effectively engage in conflict resolution;


Demonstrates a command of written and verbal communication and an ability to use traditional media as well as online and social media;


Demonstrates success in fund raising activities and development strategies;


Has proven administrative and time management skills;


Is able to drive throughout Louisiana and secure adequate insurance.



The Executive Director shall be responsible to, and supported by, the Board of Directors, and especially the President through regular communication, for administering Conference programs, supervising staff and furthering the mission of the LIC, including ecumenical dialogue and advocacy in the religious, private and public sectors and other duties as assigned by the board.



This position shall be directly responsible to, and supported by, the Board of Directors through its Executive Committee, with an annual performance review. The Executive Director shall serve at the will and pleasure of the Board of Directors. 





Louisiana Interchurch Conference Executive Director


Authority and Standards of Performance

1) Serve as the Executive Director to the Board of Directors, providing oversight to planning, implementing, and evaluating the mission and programs of the Conference.

  • Serve as the Administrator of the Conference and its programs;
  • Assist the Executive Committee in planning and implementing the business of the Board and regularly review and update LIC by-laws and policies;
  • Provide oversight to the planning and implementation of the Annual Assembly, the Fall Board of Directors meeting, Executive Committee meetings and meetings of commissions and task forces;
  • Provide oversight to the planning and implementation of the strategic plan;
  • Facilitate, coordinate, and unify the work of the various programs of the Conference;
  • Serve as custodian of all official papers of the Conference;
  • Provide leadership in the development and implementation of the Conference’s fundraising plans;
  • Provide excellent communication about the LIC and its ministries, including an up-to-date website and a social media presence;
  • Create and respond to opportunities for ensuring and enhancing the relationship of the LIC to and with the larger political community and leaders of government, advocating for issues and concerns identified by the Conference in the arena of public policy and social justice;
  • Work with the Board in determining the future of the LIC in regard to the balance between Faith & Order and Life & Work.

2)  Maintain the LIC office and supervise the work of office personnel.

  • Provide administrative leadership for the LIC;
  • Maintain an adequate office space and plan, coordinate, and supervise the work of the office staff;
  • Exercise responsibility for the employment, supervision, and termination of office personnel in accordance with personnel policies approved by the Board.

3)     Encourage membership in the Conference and maintain accurate records of membership.

  • Interpret the Conference to communions interested in membership;
  • Seek additional communions within Louisiana for membership;
  • Record memberships in the official papers of the Conference;
  • Provide for the reception, celebration and orientation of new members.

4)     Assist the Board of Directors in nominating officers and committee members.

  • Identify and maintain a list of persons identified as having gifts and skills for serving in the various offices, committees, programs and functions of the Conference;
  • Serve as staff resource to the Board and encourage the filling of vacancies promptly;
  • Ensure the persons being nominated have been approved by their denominational judicatory and have agreed to serve if elected;
  • Prepare information and procedures for elections in cooperation with the Board.

5)     Maintain corporate and individual relationships with the member communions.

  • Maintain regular collegial contact with all judicatory leaders associated with the LIC;
  • Maintain a communication system providing a flow of news and information to related constituencies;
  • Maintain a liaison and consultant relationship with the various communions within the Conference;
  • Represent the Conference in ecumenical relationships;
  • Proclaim the Gospel as called upon by the various communions.

6)     Maintain cooperative relations with other agencies.

  • Relate to state and community agencies where mutual concerns are evident;
  • Relate to non-member communions and other religious groups where mutual concerns are evident;
  • Maintain open communication and regular contact with appropriate boards, partnering organizations, and programs;
  • Speak, as the “face” of the Conference, on behalf of the Conference on those issues upon which the Conference has authorized a position.

7)     Maintain current and accurate financial records of all receipts and disbursements in accordance with approved fiscal policies.

  • Prepare and submit to the Executive Committee a proposed annual budget; in coordination with the Treasurer, monitor and provide oversight to the budgets and spending of each program, monitor the overall cash flow and financial matters, and alert the Treasurer to any concerns related to the overall financial well-being of the Conference;
  • Work with staff to keep accurate and current records of all financial contributions received from members;
  • Provide administrative oversight to ensure that all contributions from donors are promptly acknowledged;
  • Consult with partner organizations and boards regarding grants, loans, and financial agreements, making certain that such agreements are in writing with signed and dated copies available to all parties involved;
  • Prepare, in consultation with the Treasurer, and distribute a financial report at all meetings of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors;
  • Prepare (in cooperation with the Treasurer) and submit for annual review the financial records of the Conference and the IRS 990 report.


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