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Around 40 Board Members and Guests gathered in Baton Rouge for the Fall Board Meeting of the Louisiana Interchurch Conference at the Bishop Tracy Center, Westerfield Conference Center, Baton Rouge, LA


Keynote speakers Fr. Tom Rausch and Bp. John Bauerschmidt

reflected on the process that produced the study text used in the presentations, the document generated by the Anglican-Roman Catholic Theological Consultation in the U.S.A. titled:

Ecclesiology and Moral Discernment:  Seeking a Unified Moral Witness

Some Business Session


Elections:   The Rev. Jan H. Curwick was elected Treasurer and the Rev. Supt. Woodrow Davis was elected as Coordinator for Region II.   WELCOME!

SNAP Resolution:  A resolution was introduced in response to the state Department of Children & Family Services’ decision to restrict access to SNAP (Food Stamps) support for able-bodied adults without dependants (ABAWDs). 

    When jobs are scarce, states do have the option to request a waiver of the federal law regarding time limits to access.  DCFS has chosen not to apply for a statewide waiver for 2016, stating that a waiver conflicts with a policy of promoting "self-sufficiency."

    The Board resolution shows agreement that a job paying a living wage is preferable to public assistance, but with Louisiana's high unemployment rate, jobs are scarce in many parts of our state. 

    One option is to request a partial waiver targeting the parishes with the highest unemployment rates and obvious shortages of jobs, but DCFS has so far declined that option.   

     The Board approved resolution urges all member Judicatories to write their state officials and urge them to request a statewide waiver, or at minimum, a partial waiver for the areas in highest need.

Change to Constitution and By-Laws:  A minor change was made to allow an option for virtual meetings, when needed, for the Executive Committee.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity:  The African-American Baptist churches are being asked to take the lead in planning the 2016 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity services around the state.


Just for fun ...

Our 3 door prizes were:

We started with the TWENTY YEAR Planner & notepad - provided courtesy of Baton Rouge Visitor's Bureau.   Pastor Dale Farley (1st winner) can now plan his schedule well in advance!  

Fr. Moroney won the Louisiana Crawfish Spoon.  Sometime back he won a crawfish platter in Lafayette, so some of the Board members quipped that he was 'double dipping'.

Hugh Straub won the LSU tumbler, but among immediate guffaws from Board members knowing his history, he quickly 'passed it off' to Dr. Cory Sparks, citing Tulane as his alma mater for law school.  Be true to your school!

Hugh Straub (on left) and Rev. Dr. Cory Sparks 'receiving' (on right).

Morning Prayer

on Tuesday brought around 25 folks together bright and early.

Fr. Dan led the meditation, and having just returned from Niagara Falls on Sunday, water was definitely on his mind!   (Leading the LIC Secretary later to jokingly add a note in the minutes, regarding confirming suspicions that Fr. Dan was ‘all wet’.)   Fr. Dan did speak of the importance of being baptized in Christ, and the power that gives us in the church.

The 10th Anniversaries of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita were also on his mind, and he referenced a sermon by Rev. Mary Moody (a former Board member), where she spoke of being ‘equipped, but without power’.  Rev. Moody recalled looking around her home at all of the appliances, after Hurricane Katrina came through, but none would work -- they were without power.

Mr. Rob Gorman brought the Bread or Stones sign-on Boards (listing all of the Judicatory Members who have signed on to support the program).   He placed them 'front and center' --

a constant reminder that the needs of the children should be kept foremost in our minds.

Find out more about the Bread or Stones program here.


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Fall Board Meeting

September 28 - 29, 2015

    Theme : “The Moral Challenges of

Church and Society”

The Rev. Dr.

Thomas P.

Rausch, S.J.

On Monday, Father Tom Rausch, T. Marie Chilton Professor of Catholic Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, presented on the two approaches to moral decision making.  The evolving nature of the magisterium and developments in Roman Catholic ecclesiology were addressed and some pastoral implications.   It was noted that while the Roman Catholic Church has a supreme and authoritative teaching magisterium, exercised jointly by the bishops united with the bishop of Rome, the forty-four churches of the Anglican Communion have no such office.   

Click here for a summary of Fr. Rausch's presentation. 

Insightful small group table discussions followed the address by Fr. Rausch, with the groups addressing a written

list of questions

composed by Fr. Rausch, and by Bp. Bauerschmidt, our second keynote speaker.


On Tuesday, Bishop John Bauerschmidt, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee, headquartered in Nashville, presented, beginning with some history.  He cited the 1965 bilateral dialogue of the Episcopal and Roman Catholic Churches, as beginning the modern ecumenical movement.  He noted the two churches share a common commitment to full visible unity; and shared some case studies on differences in response to migration/immigration & same-sex relationships.  Click here for a summary of Bp. Bauerschmidt's presentation. 

Bishop Photo For Bio

The Rt. Rev.

John C.


The LIC said a fond farewell to retiring Treasurer, Rev. Larry G. Miller, who had served the LIC faithfully and with great care for over seven years.

Bishop Jacob Owensby, LIC President (on left) and Rev. Dan Krutz, LIC Executive Director (on right),

presented Rev. Miller with  a certificate of appreciation, and a stained glass prayer plaque, "Lord make me an instrument of Thy peace."

Additionally, a card for Rev. Miller was signed by all attendees. We will miss you!

On Monday evening 45 congregants joined for an ecumenical worship service at Trinity Episcopal Church on Morning Glory Ave. in Baton Rouge.

Archbishop Gregory Aymond, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, gave the homily, based on the Good Samaritan story.  He asked, "What good is it to profess our faith without practicing it?"   "Who is my neighbor?"  Jesus answered that quite well.  We need to live being a 'neighbor' even if it requires some sacrifice.  We must not pretend the needs don't exist.  We should reach out on our own, but we can do even MORE when we work together as the people of God.

Archbishop Gregory

M. Aymond

Ms. Elvia Parsons (left) donated her talents on the organ to further our worship enjoyment.   We were pleased to have Rev. Mike Massar with us (far right), to give the Epistle reading.  He is one of our newest Judicatory leaders, the Coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  Many other leaders and lay persons of various denominations contributed to the service as well.

Colorful members of the Order of St. Lazarus joined us.  The three in the center are also LIC Board Members:  Mrs. Grace Moore, Fr. Buddy Noel, and Mr. Hugh Straub.
Bishop Jake Owensby, LIC President, gave the closing statements and benediction.    Our thanks to all participants and to the Rev. Sharon Alexander and the congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church for graciously hosting us! Bp Jake Owensby

  And a few more pictures from our roving photographer...

WELCOME to Mrs. Marie Ducote-Comeaux (on far left).  This was her first attendance after recently being elected as a Board Member at Large.  Also pictured (left to right) are:  Mrs. Rose “Winkie” Bouldin, Deacon Jerry Bourg, Ms. Nikki Sonnier, and Madre Annie Etheredge.


Left to right are:  Bishop John Bauerschmidt (a keynote speaker); Rev. Margaret Simms; Bishop Jacob Owensby; Mrs. Mary Collins, and Rev. Herman Kelly.   Rev. Kelly (of Bethel AME Church in Baton Rouge), was recently in the news for his work in leading efforts to continually support police officers in prayer.


Left to right are:  Rev. Mike Massar (his first attendance after being elected as the new Coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - Welcome!); Archbishop Gregory Aymond (our Monday evening preacher); and long-time Executive Committee member Fr. Scott Chemino.


Thanks to all who attended!


The next Board Meeting will be the

Annual Assembly in Shreveport

March 7 - 8, 2016

See you there!


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