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Keynote Speaker - Fr. Tom Ryan

New Member Judicatory

Board Recognizes New Treasurer

Interreligious Prayer Service

A highlight of the meeting was welcoming our newest Member Judicatory: the Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention, Inc. (LHFMBSC)

a division of National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.

Rev Sam Tolbert and Mr Hugh Straub shaking hands

At left is the Rev. Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President of LHFMBSC, being welcomed by LIC President, Hugh Straub (on right).

Most of our meeting time was spent toward the back portion of these buildings, with nursery and daycare operations going on around us.  The children went to the Chapel for a short service and we had to allow a break time - as the Speaker could not be heard over their praise and worship.  Few distractions could be more worthy though!


A few more pictures from the Board Meeting:

Dr. Cottrill and Abp Hughes and more of the group

Dr. Don Cottrill did not let an arm injury stop him from attending.  Thank you for your commitment!

Mrs. Jean Poe had a driver bring her: Ms. Margaret Simien, (left). But she ended up enjoying the meeting & participating as well!

Rev. Cory Sparks gave an update on the Stewardship of the Environment Program.

We had a surprise visit from Mrs. Catherine Townsend (left), shown here sitting next to Mrs. Arlene Lathrop.  Catherine had said she was taking a sabbatical.

Fr. Mike Moroney, Regional Coordinator, gave an encouraging report from his area.


Other Board Information:

The Conflict of Interest Policy was drawn up and presented to the Board as suggested by our Auditors.  However after Board review, it was decided that it needs further revision.  Therefore the vote on this has been deferred to the next Assembly.  A revised draft will be sent to all before that Assembly.





Fall Board Meeting

was held on


29th - 30th, 2008

at Asbury United Methodist Church in Lafayette

Asbury United Methodist Church

101 Live Oak Blvd., Lafayette, LA

Hugh Straub, President, presided over the Semi-Annual Board of Directors Meeting.   The theme was:  Ecumenical Ministry and the Vocation to Prayer and Renewal (in an interreligious context)”.  

As America becomes more diverse in its religious affiliations, Christians very often find themselves in a context where there are other faiths whom are non Christian.  The Board Meeting focused on a Christian response to such situations while equipping members with tools for interacting.   With the effects of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike fresh on our minds, we also held a short forum with speakers from disaster relief organizations.   Regional Coordinators provided updates from their areas of the State.

Rev. Ann Sutton of Asbury UMC, welcomed the group at the opening session of the Board Meeting. 

Rev. Troy Boyd is the Senior Hosting Pastor.

A group picture from the LIC Fall Board Meeting

A group picture from the LIC Fall Board Meeting

Our thanks to Asbury for hosting us!

Fr. Thomas Ryan was the keynote speaker for our Board meeting.   Fr. Ryan is a Roman Catholic and the Director of Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations at North American Paulist Center in Washington, D.C.  

 Click here for information from Fr. Ryan's presentations & info. on how to schedule a "Gospel Call" faith renewal event.

The Board of Directors voted to formally accept Rev. Larry G. Miller as the new Treasurer for the LIC.  He had been serving as Interim Treasurer since Rev. Carl Rhoads retired, pending the Board Vote.

He is shown here giving financial reports to the Board.  The Treasurer is a volunteer position and we are most appreciative of Rev. Miller's willingness to serve!

We were pleased to have as guests:

Fr. Brendan Pelphrey of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Shreveport (on left)


Rev. Lura Cayton of Church World Service-Oklahoma Office (on right)

Rev. Cutter gave the Meditation in the Morning Chapel Service.  He spoke of a time when preaching to teenage boys regarding the anointing oil being poured all over the prophet's head and beard.  Since he has a beard the boys asked him how such felt.  This entailed a trip to the kitchen where the Preacher allowed the boys to pour the olive oil on him - which they abundantly did!

The Rev. Dr. Alan D. Cutter

General Presbyter of the

Presbytery of South LA

Rev. Herman Kelly (left) and Rev. Robin McCullough-Bade (right) were among presenters who gave disaster related updates.


Interreligious Prayer Service

In light of the meeting theme, the Louisiana Interchurch Conference hosted its first ever Interreligious Prayer Service, on the evening of September 29th, 2008 in Lafayette, LA. 

The service was held in the Spiritwind Worship Center at Asbury UMC.  Our thanks to Ms. Judy Bastien of The Advertiser in Lafayette for writing a nice article which helped publicize the event.  

Pictured Left to Right: Mr. Mark Richard (representing Hindu Faith); Fr. Morgan Allen (representing Episcopalian Faith); Ms. Emilia Bellone (representing Baha'i Faith); Fr. Dan Krutz (Executive Director of LIC); Imam Eid Kneifati (representing Muslim Faith); and Thubten, Yeshe (representing [Tibetan] Buddhist Faith).


A few scenes from before and during the service:

The symbols of flowers, fire, and water were displayed.

Yeshe and Fr. Dan.

Ms. Emilia Bellone (left)


Imam Eid Kneifati (right)

Mr. Mark Richard (left)


Thubten, Yeshe (right)

The LIC hired a sign language interpreter for the service (Ms. Ducotey is on the left). Fr. Morgan Allen (on right)
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