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“For He is our peace, who has

made us both one, and has broken

down the dividing wall…”

Ephesians 2:14


What Ecumenism is

and is not

                                 by Catherine Townsend

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updated October, 2009

by Buddy Noel

Ecumenism: How we got to where we are

History in a Power Point Presentation

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Workshop Goals:

Review History of

Ecumenical Movement

Deepen Understanding

of Ecumenism

Identify Scriptural

Basis for Ecumenism

Create Opportunities

for Cooperative

Ventures in Social Justice

Acquire Practical Suggestions

for Working Together


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As of October, 2009, the LIC Task Force on Education/Formation has held four Ecumenical Orientation Conferences titled Breaking Down Walls (Numbers: I, II, III, IV and V).  These conferences have been held at various locations around the state, prior to our semi-annual board meetings.

The next workshop is tentatively scheduled to be held in Monroe on February 28th and March 1st of 2010.

A few scenes from the first Ecumenical Orientation Conference the Task Force hosted:

"Breaking Down Walls"

Hugh Straub - Part of Panel titled: "How it works: What can we do together?" 

Search for Church Unity Comes to New Orleans


Two dozen Christian clergy and members of the laity gathered in New Orleans September 16-17 for the 2007 Ecumenical Formation Conference, “Breaking Down Walls.”  The conference was the first in a series of efforts sponsored by Louisiana Interchurch Conference to foster interest and participation in the movement for unity among Christians.  Participants had the opportunity to review a history of the ecumenical movement, identify a scriptural basis for ecumenism, and acquire practical suggestions for working together in projects of social justice. 

Fannie Reddix (on right) said: " I have been enlightened this weekend during the workshop.  This kind of activity needs to be expanded."

A few more of our workshop participants.

workshop photos courtesy of Fr. Dan Krutz

We received a lot of other positive commentaries as well as ideas on how to improve future workshops.  We appreciate the feedback!










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