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 Around 60 persons attended the 50th

 Annual Assembly of the Louisiana

 Interchurch, held on the campus of

 the Catholic Life Center, in Baton

 Rouge - back where it all started -

 50 years ago.


Ms. Jessica Vermilyea of LA VOAD and Executive Director of Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response, provided a disaster report update.  While the Coronavirus threat seems far away as of this meeting date, she said it is a good wake up call to all to have contingency plans in place!

Ms. Jessica Vermilyea speaking      Ms. Jessica Vermilyea speaking


Elections held at this


The Rev. Dr. Nadine Burton, Executive Regional Minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), was voted in as President-Elect.  The Most Rev. J. Douglas Deshotel, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette is now serving as President. 


Rev. Jean Marie Peacock has been a long-time Board Member serving as the Designate for the Presbytery of South Louisiana.  She has now been elected to also serve as a Board Member at Large.

Madre Annie Etheredge, Regional Coordinator for Region 4, has now been elected to also serve as Secretary.  

One Board Member at Large had to resign early, so the LIC will now be looking for a Protestant woman who is a lay person, from the Lafayette area, to fill that position.

Other elected positions were renewed/ reinstated.  Thank you all for your service!


We had TEN Door prizes this time!

(Winners were able to choose from the prizes displayed on the table)


Our sincere thanks to Executive Committee Member Madre Annie Etheredge, as she donated two very creative door prizes:

BOS travel mug

Madre Annie used her Cricut Machine (and some talent, too!), to label & prepare these "Bread or Stones" Travel Tumblers with extra straws, which were won by Bishop Douglas Deshotel and Sister Miriam MacLean.

Sister Miriam MacLean    Bishop Douglas Deshotel


More door prizes winners:

Rev. Ken York chose an LUS shirt with colorful plaid letters.

Rev. Ken York


These 3 each won small combo packs that contained either 3 Saints can coolers or 2 Saints can coolers and a Saints Magnet:

Rev. JoAnne Pounds

 Rev. JoAnne


Various "Saints" doorprizes

Various "Saints"


Rev. Dr. John Forbes Rev. Dr. John Forbes

Rev. Dr. Kristina Peterson

Rev. Dr. Kris Peterson


 Carolyn Gant

Ms. Carolyn Gant won a "San Francisco, California" T-Shirt


Rev. Jean Marie Peacock chose a lovely orchid plant.

Rev. Jean Marie Peacock

Mrs. Linda Fjeldsjo

Mrs. Linda Fjeldsjo, chose a Peace Lily in a pretty pot painted by inmates who were helping raise money

for the building of prison Chapels.  Linda did not know the history of the pot when she chose it.  Linda happens to be the Chair of the LIC Commission on Criminal Justice.

Ms. Natasha Smith won a Disney T-shirt with the Genie from Aladdin, a cub from the Lion King, Mickey Mouse, and of course, Goofy!  (Bet her kids will like Mom's new shirt!)

Ms. Natasha Smith


Congrats to our door prize winners!

Carol Scott

We were happy to see Ms. Carol Scott.  She was one of the previous employees of the LIC that was invited back for this event.

table decor

Decor that graced each table -

a time of celebration!


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50th Annual Assembly

of the Louisiana Interchurch Conference was held on:

Monday, March 2nd & Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020, in Baton Rouge, LA


All presentations and business sessions were held in the Main Auditorium / Ballroom. 

The theme was:

“Visioning for Unity, Striving for Justice”

The Keynote Speaker was Mr. Jim Winkler, President and General Secretary of the National Council of Churches. 

Mr. Winkler presented on the theme and related personal stories from his own experiences as an adult and as a child.  He spoke on the current state of ecumenical organizations, the unity they strive for, and some of the challenges they encounter. 

Click here for his presentation from 3/2/20


Click here for his presentation from Tuesday, 3/3/20.

Mr. Jim Winkler

In celebration of the 50th year of the LIC, Regional Coordinator, Mrs. Catherine Townsend, spent hours digging through old records to come up with a 50-year timeline showing some of the major events and/or accomplishments of the LIC. 

Description: C:\Users\delete\Documents\Annual Assembly 2020-pics\IMG_3604.JPG Printed out, the timeline stretched for many feet across the wall behind the banquet tables.

Preview of section 1 shown at right:


Click here for a PDF of the 50 year timeline prepared by Mrs. Townsend.  

Thank you, Catherine, for your excellent work on this!


Rev. William "Jeff" Day, (seen standing in picture below), who was the founding Executive Director of the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge, spoke to the group.  He told of the late Rev. James "Jimmy" Stovall, former Executive Director of the LIC, who had a dream of an interfaith organization and how the two of them worked to make it happen.  Rev. Robin McCullough-Bade, the current Executive Director of IFGBR was also present at this meeting.

Judicatory panel - pic 1Judicatory panel - pic 2

After Rev. Day spoke, a panel of five leaders from some of the member judicatories of the LIC gave their reflections on the meeting theme elements of striving for unity and justice and the progresses made in their denominations and the obstacles faced.

Judicatory Panel Presenters as seated in the picture above, from left to right are:

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones, Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel, Mr. Hugh Straub, Sister Miriam MacLean (representing Bishop Provost), and the Rev. Dr. Nadine Burton.

For those underlined above, we invite you to click on the link/s

for their presentations as supplied to the LIC office.  We will add links as more presentations are received.


A few more Business Session Highlights:

Mr. Rob Gorman, Chair of the LIC Task Force on Public Policy and Advocacy gave an update report on the LIC Bread or Stones Children's Anti-Poverty Initiative.  A grant has been received to fund a training program for volunteer Bread or Stones Coordinators.  As always, he encouraged more churches to sign up as covenant members!  He also asked for more email addresses to add to the Bread or Stones newsletter/contact list.

The Rev. Dr. Kristina Peterson, Chair of the LIC Stewardship of the Environment Commission, referred attendees to her report, but also stressed considering the environmental needs in Louisiana. She told the group that her husband recently died of a very rare cancer that is only found in this area.  Our sympathies do remain with Dr. Peterson.  Fr. Dan Krutz, Executive Director, officiated at the memorial service for Dr. Krajeski in early January of this year.

Mrs. Linda Fjeldsjo, Chair of the LIC Commission on Criminal Justice, provided a written report.  She also put forth an idea to start having the CCJ meetings at locations around the state to involve more people.  Currently the regular (non-event-related) meetings are only held in the Baton Rouge area.

Mrs. Catherine Townsend, Chair of the Education and Formation Task Force provided a report telling of a recent successful ecumenical exchange between students at New Orleans Baptist Seminary and Notre Dame Seminary.

The LIC Farm Aid program continues to aid farmers in need around the country, and has provided over 40 individual grants in the last 10 years alone.  Click here for the latest report.

Courtesy Resolution Passed at this Assembly:

The Rev. Joseph "Joe" Hill will be retiring in April from his position as General Presbyter of the Presbytery of the Pines and therefore also as the Judicatory Leader to the LIC from that Presbytery.  Rev. Hill gave some closing remarks that included how his life has been enriched by his time with the LIC and each member.  Click here for the Courtesy Resolution honoring Rev. Hill.

Our guest speaker for the 50th Annual Assembly banquet

on Monday, March 2nd, 2020 was Bishop James B. Brown.  He was the Judicatory Leader to the LIC representing the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana from 1976 to 1998, and President of the LIC for the years of 1980.  He gave reflections on his time with the LIC and particularly noted the push to get the LIC to stand against the death penalty.  It cost the LIC some of its membership, but those members who remained became firmly committed to abolish the death penalty.

Bishop James B. Brown

Bp James B. Brown

Ms. Florine Herron

Our sincere thanks to the talented Ms. Florine Herron, Worship Director of the Women's Missionary Society of the AME Church. 


She volunteered her time, and brought in her own equipment to bless the group with her playing as we started off the Monday evening dinner.  Then she opened the prayer service on Tuesday morning with a joyful singing of You are Alpha & Omega, and then Yes, Lord, Yes!

Worshiping Together

congregation pic at worship svc

In conjunction with this Assembly, there was an evening Ecumenical Worship Service held in the St. Joseph Chapel on the grounds of the Catholic Life Center on March 2nd.

Oars to the Boat--picture OneOars to the Boat--picture Two

  A Boat & Eight Oars was borrowed to be used as a part of the liturgy.

In the photo above, Rev. Angie Kretzer holds high one of the oars before placing it in the boat.  Volunteers placed all 8 oars in the boat, each oar containing a single word: 

Reconciliation, Enlightenment, Hope, Trust,

Strength, Hospitality, Conversion and Generosity. 

Our sincere thanks to the Backpacker of Baton Rouge for the loan of the boat and the oars for this important visual element of the service.

Leaders and lay persons from various denominations participated in the service, which included the installation of the new and reinstated officers.

The boat in front of the altar

The boat in front of the altar

Fr. Dan Krutz and wife, Julie in

front of the boat after service

Fr. Dan and Julie Krutz

Rev. Joe Hill with an oar

Rev Gwendolyn Pabon, Rev. Dr. Nadine Burton, Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones, and Fr. Dan Krutz

Rev. Gwendolyn Pabon, Rev. Dr. Nadine Burton, Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones, and Fr. Dan Krutz

Bishop Douglas Deshotel and Bishop Michael Duca

Bishop Douglas Deshotel, who preached the sermon, and host, Bishop Michael Duca

Order of St. Lazarus members, including Hugh Straub

Some participating Order of St. Lazarus members, including Judicatory leader, Hugh Straub

Mr. Erik Pittman, of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana was hired to to lend his talents as the evening organist for the worship service.  Thanks to all who participated in and/or attended the service!


Welcome New Delegates! 

Pictured below are a few of our brand new delegates:

We were able to catch a photo of these at a lunch table where Board Member, Mr. Hugh Straub, held an orientation for them upon their arrival.

Rev.'s JoAnne Pounds and Jessica LoweDeacon Wynard Boutte'

Rev. JoAnne Pounds and Rev. Jessica Lowe from the United Methodist Church,

and Deacon Wynard Boutte' from the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette

And a few more pictures we happened to catch:

Mr. Samuel Rottman and Fr. Michael Moroney 

Mr. Samuel Rottman and Fr. Michael Moroney 

Deacon Jeff Champman and Mr. Joel Hicks

Deacon Jeff Chapman and

Mr. Joel Hicks

Ms. Jessica Vermilyea

Ms. Jessica Vermilyea

(Something made her smile!)


50 year ribbon

Thanks to all who attended.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the 2020 Fall Board Meeting in Shreveport!

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